You have probably heard of it some time or another. The game did win multiple-awards, earn worldwide critical acclaim and has sold over 154 million copies across the globe. It is a simple game where you build entire-worlds using blocks with your friends. Minecraft.

The entire game is made of objects rendered in cubes. Each of these cubes can be destroyed and stored in your inventory and then thrown away (if you like). As you move across and explore this procedurally generated island you will discover new environments such as forests, deserts, and Volcanos. You might end up at the edge of the ocean or a marsh filled with horrific monsters, you never know. The best part is that this island is relatively infinite (your hard-disk will probably give in at some time or another) before you completely explore it.

This environment is not barren of course and you will see yourself finding blocky creatures such as pigs, cows, and goats all-around (you can, of course, slaughter them for resources). While your expedition across this massive world is an entertaining process, you need to make sure that you are ready for when night comes.

Nights in the game are deadly. As soon as the sun sets deadly creatures to start spawning across the map and sometimes hundreds of them attack you at a time. These monsters vary in terms of what they do, some such as the spiders are slow and climb vertical surfacers and others such as the Endermen are tall and can teleport across the map. Dealing with each of them requires your full attention.

You need to make sure you have crafted the right items to stay alive and it is this robust crafting system that truly brings the game to life. You can craft almost anything you fashion. From armor to swords. You need to equip yourself and craft proper tools to handle what the game throws at you. It is not that easy though as you’ll have to creatively mine resources in order to gain what you need to craft your desired objects.

Other than the tools you need to survive the game also offers you a great degree of features to possibly construct anything you want. As long as the blocks fit perfectly, you can create an entire pyramid or mansion. You could also have entire breeding farms and crop farms that you can later use to mine resources.

All of this is coupled with a very rich multiplayer system that the game offers. Having your friends play on the same server as you is a lot of fun. You can co-create an entire world together and you have to share your experiences and resources to make your kingdom flourish. You can also if you choose, play against other teams at your own peril. Be careful though, because the game offers a level of creativity that can lead you to enemy-traps that you could never have known existed.

Minecraft is definitely a game you can play for hours on end with your friends. This small sandbox game offers players the creative ability that even most AAA titles fail to encapsulate. Even 10 years after its release the game is played by millions and certainly, it’ll be played by millions for years to come.

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