Grand Theft Auto V

Are you a GTA 5 hardcore fan? Then this article is for you. It covers everything you need to know before you call yourself a hardcore fan.

History and Background

GTA 5 is a game developed by Rockstar Games, which is one of the best selling games in the world. It owns an excellent rating across all platforms. Moreover, this game is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Additionally, this game also has an online version that goes by the name GTA online. GTA Online is updated regularly and provides an excellent platform where people can interact and play with one another

Story Line

Talking about the Story Line, the game is based in the fictional city of San Andreas. The game begins with the messed up robbery. When Michael, Trevor, and Brad escape the law, Brad and Michael are shot, but Trevor escapes. Trevor thinks Brad makes out alive, and Michael was killed; instead, Michael fakes his death and buries Brad in his own grave.

He quits the life of a criminal and wishes to live with his family. But later his friend Lester, who is a disabled hacker makes him rob a jewelry shop. Once the jewelry shop robbery news is broadcasted on television, Trevor Philips sees it and finds out the Michael is still alive. Lester, on the other hand, asks Franklin for assassination tasks. When all the characters unite, remaining robberies are performed all together, and in the end, Franklin is put to the test in which he can choose between killing Michael, murdering Trevor, or saving them both.


In GTA V players can also search for easter eggs and uncover different stories. Within the game itself, In Franklin’s Second Home, he has A book titled Red Dead, whose Author is John Marston. Red Dead Redemption is another game of Rockstar whose protagonist is John Marston.

Moreover, there’s a story of a girl when she goes hiking; she was killed; her ghost can be spotted at a particular in-game time. If you choose to go near her, she vanishes, revealing a name Josh who’s probably the one who killed her. Likewise, there are dozens more of easter eggs players can find. Additionally, UFOs can also be seen in GTA V.

For Free Roam activities, all the characters can hang out with each other or the friends they make. Additionally, they can choose to play games such as tennis or golf. They can also perform different actions, which, in return, improve their stats. For example, the more a character drives a car, his driving stats are improved.

For Air-bourne missions, Trevor is the best pilot. For roads, Franklin is the best driver. For Sea-Routes, Michael is the best. The more the sports a character player, his stamina stats increase.

Characters and Vehicles

Talking about the vehicles in the game, since the map is enormous and talking about the plan, San Andreas shown in the game is more significant than the island of Manhattan, United States. Therefore, different sorts of vehicles can be found throughout the world. For example, if a player visits the shore or the mountains, he will encounter SUVs or 4×4 cars more often. If a player visits the city, he will face fast cars.

A player can drive any car he wants; he can steal it from anyone or buy one for himself. A player has the option to upgrade the vehicle as well, but the Upgrade levels and pricing is different in online and offline modes. But to keep a car permanently, a player has to own a garage no matter what.

Additionally, players can also own hangers or helipads where they can store jets or helicopters. But they can be bought in the business opportunities section. If purchased, they pay players regularly alongside giving the ability to save vehicles as well.

Sports paradises can only be purchased by players such as a golf course or companies such as for cabs. For Franklin, he can also become a cab driver and help reach passengers to their assigned destinations.

Moreover, there are a few restricted areas in the game if a player chooses to infiltrate such areas he is directly assigned with a 4-star wanted level. Additionally, flying over the military airbase, which is restricted airspace can cost you your life if you ignore the warnings of the military.

In short, Rockstar has left no page unturned in developing this game.

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