Fortnite is a match of survival in which 100 people fight one another, and the last one who survives wins the game. It’s an action-packed quickly and smoothly-paced game in which tactical thoughts are a must to stay alive. On Fortnite, there seem to be approximately 125 million players.

Explained: What is Fortnite Battle Royale

Players on a remote island are armed with only an axe, and they must forage for further weapons, and they also have to evade a storm. As the teams are removed, the area is also reduced, implying that the participants are nearer to each other.

Updates constantly appear on display, explaining how a certain player killed, adding to the sense of excitement. Even though the game is available for free, but you have to build an account.

Account creation on Epic Games is much easier by connecting with Facebook or Google accounts, or you can simply create a profile on Epic Games.

First of all, you need to download Epic games for having access to the game. When the game starts, you will get an avatar irrespective of your sex.

You can select three different modes of the games, which are solo, duo, and squad. Invite you, friends, to join your squad, and then you can play like a team.

Why Do Children just Love Playing this Game?

It is a survival game, and you have to beat the other 99 online players to survive. This element brings a sense of intensity to the game, and players must also protect themselves from getting trapped in the eye of the storm to stay in the game.

The game can attract younger players with bright graphics and visuals. The new offers and updates of the game is an attraction to the players of all ages.

A social aspect in the match is that users who are playing in teams of two or more message each other throughout the game via headphones or text messaging.

This game is also the most widely watched game in YouTube history. A lot of famous celebrities from Youtube or social media enjoy the game, and they show you how to maintain the highest scores.

Are there some risks?

The predefined settings of the game let you add new ‘Friends’ in the game. Adding someone as a friend also enables you to chat with them privately.

The PGEI rating is just 12 +, but when you create an account, you do not need to enter your age.

Facebook and Google have incorporated the system, so users will add new members to this system. So it is recommended to teach the children about making new friends online and what precautions they should take while adding an unknown person as a friend.

For the parents, the screen time of the kids should be the main concern. Because of the interactive nature of the game, it is hard for certain kids to stop playing.

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